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Safe Deposit Box Sizes

We have a range of box sizes available for virtually any length of time. Whatever your needs, we have a safe deposit box of the right size, duration, and price to suit your budget.

Each deposit box contains a removable inner bond tin to ensure that the contents of your safe deposit box are kept private and confidential.


The internal dimensions of our safe deposit boxes:

A Box    65mm x 125mm x  535mm E Box   250mm x 255mm x 535mm
B Box   125mm x 125mm x 535mm F Box   380mm x 255mm x 535mm
C Box    70mm x 255mm x  535mm G Box   560mm x 410mm x 610mm
D Box   125mm x 255mm x 535mm

You can store almost anything in your safe deposit box as long as the items are not explosive, dangerous, flammable, corrosive, perishable or illegal.


A Box Size