17 Farnham Street

Parnell, Auckland

09 377 6666

Security Deposits Vault Auckland

Safely Secure the things you can’t afford to lose.

Security Deposits Vault

We are New Zealand’s leading safe deposit vault Auckland facility with over 3000 safe deposit boxes available. We have been successfully operating at 17 Farnham St, Parnell since 1984. We can give you peace of mind that your most important belongings are safe and secure in our NZ vault.

We own the land and building that the vault is inside of. The building also complies with up to date standards, and boasts the highest earthquake rating compared to any other safe deposit business in Auckland.

If you’re looking for a place to store critical documents, family heirlooms, precious metals, digital files, cryptocurrency keys or other important items, then look no further. We take pride in providing the best service and security possible.

Our security deposit box vault is conveniently located in the heart of Auckland at 17 Farnham Street, Parnell – directly across the road from our self-storage facility, Space Station Storage.

Rest assured that your valuables are safe with us

Our security deposit box vault is as safe as a Swiss Bank vault- exceeding the US 5R National Insurance rating for bank vaults. Following are just a few of the security measures that we have in place:

  • 24/7 electronic surveillance and actively monitored video cameras.
  • Onsite and offsite remote monitoring for maximum security.
  • Dual-key locking systems inside the vault – to access your personal vault, you and one of our security guards must enter keys at the same time.
  • Our vault is constructed from steel-reinforced concrete.
  • Vault entrance protected by a 6 tonne hardened steel door.
  • Ideal for silver and gold storage

We also have a number of other undisclosed security measures in place to ensure complete security of customers belongings. In the past 34 years of operations, we haven’t had any security breaches or break-ins.

It is also important to note that we own the property, so there is no risk of lease terms or conflict with the landlord interfering with the service that we offer.

Confidentiality matters when it comes to storing valuables

We understand this, and are very careful about safeguarding customer information. We provide secure underground car park with access to the vault foyer so that customers can safely deposit and withdraw items from the vault without needing to worry about prying eyes.

The contents of your safe deposit box are completely private once the door is open – this privacy is achieved through the use of an inner bond tin. Private viewing rooms allow you to remove or replace items in your bond tin with complete confidentiality.

What is the price of security?

We have 7 different vault sizes, starting at $252.00 per year including GST. Our prices are determined based on the size of the box you choose and length of stay.

Rental terms start at one year, and there is virtually no limit to how long you can rent a safe deposit box from us.

Feel free to contact us on (09) 377-6666 with any questions that you may have, or make an appointment to view our vault.