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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Storage

The best Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency storage solution in Auckland, New Zealand

Over the past decade, digital currencies (otherwise known as cryptocurrency) have risen from obscurity to global prominence. The benefits of holding cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum as investments are numerous:

  • Complete control over the asset without the need for a trusted third party.
  • The ability to seamlessly move assets around the world with ease.
  • A hedge that is not correlated to traditional asset classes.
  • Participation in a highly innovative and transformational technology that promises to revolutionize the way we transfer value and interact with monetary and systems.
  • Explosive historic market growth resulting in stellar investment returns.


Having complete autonomy over your digital assets is a double-edged sword. Nobody can seize your assets without gaining access to your private keys, however this also means that if you lose the private keys, there is no way of retrieving your cryptocurrency. It is lost forever.

If you currently own bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, or are planning to invest in cryptocurrency, it is vital that you store all private keys, and wallet files in a way that is extremely secure, and retrievable in the future as and when required. You can buy bitcoin easily through brokers such as Cryptosaver or Coinbase.

Our safe deposit boxes are perfectly suited for this purpose. By storing your bitcoin or cryptocurrency wallets in our state-of-the-art facility, you can rest peacefully knowing that your digital assets are secure well into the future. We employ both modern security measures and traditional security techniques to ensure that our double steel-reinforced concrete facility is completely secure.


Securely store your Bitcoin in our vault today

Following are just a few of the measures that we take in order to secure your belongings:

  • 24/7 electronic surveillance that are actively monitored.
  • Onsite and offsite remote monitoring systems for maximum security.
  • Secure underground carpark to provide customers with a safe way to access the security deposit vaults.
  • Dual-key locking systems inside the vault – to access your safe deposit box, you and one of our security guards must enter keys at the same time.
  • Our vault is located underground and is practically indestructible.
  • Entrance to the vault is protected by a 6 tonne hardened steel door.

We also have a number of other security measures that remain undisclosed to ensure that our vault is never breached. During the past 34 years of operations, we have never had a security breach. Our facility is as safe as a Swiss bank, and exceeds the US 5R National Insurance rating for bank vaults!


There is practically no maximum time limit to how long you can rent a security deposit from us. If you plan on keeping your cryptocurrency for the long term, why not consider renting a safe deposit box for your cold storage needs?


Feel free to contact us on (09) 377-6666 with any questions that you may have, or make an appointment to view our vault.